Dr Lachlan MacDowall

Dr Lachlan MacDowall is an internationally recognised expert on graffiti and street art.  He has published widely on the aesthetics and history of graffiti, including a 2006 article on graffiti, street art and cultural heritage in Melbourne. He also contributed to the two major book surveys of Australia graffiti, Christine  Dew’s Uncommissioned Art (2007) and Cubrilo, Harvey and Stamer’s Kings Way: The Beginnings of Australian Graffiti (Melbourne 1983­-1993) (2009).. 

Dr MacDowall has consulted widely in relation to graffiti and cultural heritage. His research has been translated into Italian and French. He has presented keynote presentations at New York University, Sapienza University in Rome and the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon. His most recent research examines the relationship between the aesthetics of graffiti and street art and digital platforms such as Instagram.